Being an entrepreneur these days often means „living on the edge“, constantly fighting various threats.

First the budgets to maintain public awareness of your products and to keep up the demand are rising significantly; all of the sudden you realize, that the cost of production and delivery grows as fast as your accounts receivable and bad debts. Then you start to think of problems whenever terms like equity capital or finance  come around and rather soon the danger of being just another victim of the current crisis becomes very real. You have reached a point where you need to dedicate your precious time to things like risk management and bank negotiations etc. and thereby you are

unwillingly reducing your resources to develop creative alternatives.

Experiences like this might be the appropriate point in time to start looking for valid alternative scenarios, accepting help from the outside. Of course the ambition to „make it all by oneself“ is easy to follow, but in most cases the room for maneuver is so tight, that the infamous downward spiral starts it’s descending spin, which hardly can be slowed or stopped – at least not alone.

This is exactly the moment when buyF&S can be of great help.

buyF&S will be at your service if your company lacks capital, know-how or other resources; buyF&S will enable your next expansion phase in the same way as we will push value creation to a next level. Last but not least buyF&S also supports companies, which are in the process of liquidation, securing its values, finding alternatives or starting from scratch.