buyF&S stands for:

A corporate philosophy based on a stated commitment to entrepreneurship and its role as well as responsibility to society: this drives business, guarantees jobs and much more besides.
buyF&S comprises a network of experienced and successful companies that take equally competent, creative and hands-on approaches.

The expertise of buyF&S in detail:

  • Experience across numerous sectors as well as crisis scenarios.
  • Comprehensive understanding of usages, rules and legal affairs within critical environments.
  • Sensitivity to the economic and personal circumstances of entrepreneurs.
  • Fast determination of the actual situation.
  • Cooperation with recognised experts, particularly in the fields of taxation, law and management.
  • Financing and project planning expertise applicable and of interest to all companies.
  • Development of proposals to improve situations.
  • Effective negotiating with creditors and banks (and with liquidators where required).
  • Consideration of (often critical) aspects of taxation.
  • Providing guidance and support to entrepreneurs in cases of conflict linked to reorganisation.
  • Redefinition of positions following reorganisation tasks.

Wealth of expertise in developing reputable real estate projects
This includes the following fields of competence:

  • Acquisition and sale of plots of land and real estate
  • Development and planning of reputable real estate projects
  • Establishment and implementation of construction projects
  • Sales, distribution and marketing for all usages and added value concepts connected to a property (rental properties for residential and office usage, commercial uses including hotels, restaurants, tourism, etc.)
  • Facility management

Wide-ranging expertise in the field of restructuring management

Even the most effective entrepreneurs tend to encounter problems when it comes to restructuring their own companies. This is because of the time-consuming demands of day-to-day business and the personal relationships (often established over many years) with banks, creditors, employees and possibly partners also. Since they are unencumbered by such emotional constraints, corporate reorganisers can implement the necessary steps in a more composed and target-focused manner.

One cornerstone of our approach to business is the complete discretion with which we handle information and data on the companies we work for. Any presentation of specific case studies at this point would therefore contradict that principle.