buyF&S involves itself in companies that are facing various challenges because of (lasting) capital weaknesses or are facing other threats and are therefore significantly limited in their company and market performance.
The buyF&S involvement extends from a simple equity holding in exchange for services offered by the buyF&S to financed equity holdings to partial buy-ins and majoritan or complete acquisitions.
buy F&S detects, analyses and evaluates companies that are relevant to the buyF&S interests.


By implementing buyF&S and partner expertises and competences the receiving company’s impairments are being compensated or completely removed. Beyond that we aim at improving the (common) company’s entire performance.
Inputs and processes can be the implementing of missing company competences, the reorganization, relaunches, repositioning and change managament („New Concept – New Team“) to the point of complete finanical restructuring (with or without selling the whole or parts of the company.)


The final goal for all buyF&S activities and measures is always the compensation of economic barriers leading to a substantial improvement in the potential of added value for the company in question.
The final payment for benefits and financial aid brought to the company by buyF&S is the partial or complete sell out of the company or company parts to the previous owners or a third party.