In cooperation with his network of tax consultants Mag. Dr. Erich Schiff offers the following services in the areas of taxes, insolvency and finances

Routine Tax Consulting

Representation in front of the fiscal authorities
Compilation of annual accounts
Online Bookkeeping
Monthly personnel accounting for your employees
Tax return, all tax types
Processing of audits by the fiscal authorities
Appealing against unjustified tax assessments
Expert Opinion and evaluation of fiscal or legal questions

Special Counselling

Counselling for the founding of companies
Reduction of tax burdens by choosing the best possible legal form of company
Joint Venture Partner Acquisition, support in employee recruiting

Project Consulting, e.g.
Capital budgeting to enable the evaluation of economic feasibility
Support in choosing and negotiating with banks and investors

Conflict Situations, e.g.
External conflicts with contractors, banks, etc.
Internal conflicts

Crisis and financial restructuring management
Negotiations with creditors
Support in refinance negotiations
Counselling in legal and out of court dept regulation actions

Follow Up Situations
Support in heritage and marital arrangements
Financing of Transfers and MBOs

Asset Management und financial securities for generations
Founding and Operating of private trusts
Founding or acquisition of captive fund constructions
Real estate assesments

Abstract from our consulting track record over the last decades:

Economic and financial consultant of IC Projektentwicklung and VIERTEL ZWEI Stadtentwicklung

Economic and financial consultant of Solarinvest Development GmbH

Economic and financial consultant of ViennaCommunications Consulting GmbH

Economic and financial consultant of Wiener Wohnen Kundenservice GmbH
The Wiener Wohnen Kundenservice GmbH is a hundred percent subsidiary of the Stadt Wien. Wiener Wohnen is the biggest property management provider in Europe and responsible for the preservation, administration and rehabilitation 0f 220.000 communal apartments and 500.000 tenants. Wiener Wohnen is a modern communication service provider, acting in the areas of marketing, services (such as the Wiener Wohnen welcome center or the Wiener Wohnen service hotline), technical services and various projects (such as video surveillance) for Wiener Wohnen.

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