Advise and co-management/EXISTING CONCEPTS

Development (mapping, site-criteria, site-finding, lay-out, construction, decor)
Support at relocations
Human ressources (job-description, staffing, interviews, training, coaching)
Operations (Front-of-House/Back-of-House)
Supply-chain (national/international) Marketing (below-the-line, POS, local store marketing)
All kinds of Opening Support

Advise and co-management/CONCEPT – CREATION

Broad overview on international new releases
In-depth-knowledge of consumer trends
Comprehensive experience in menu-composition
Experience in decor recommendations
Strong analysis skills in dealing with surveys/panels/focus groups
Monitoring the decision process
Completion of chosen concept up to the opening
Monitoring and fine-tuning in phase two

Dr. Joachim Richling
+43 1 9050009
+43 676 690 52 87